Milling is a major part of machining. The main direction is small series production, production of prototype parts, but we can also produce larger batches. The available equipment allows us to fulfill the complex tasks of our customers, to achieve maximum accuracy and surface roughness, and a qualified and constantly improving staff allows us to compete boldly in the metalworking market. To ensure quality and deadlines, we are constantly replenishing our fleet of equipment.


We currently have 5-axis DMG Ecoline 50, HAAS UMC-500SS, HAAS VF 1SSYT and HAAS DM-1 machines, 3-axis  3x HAAS Mini Mill, HAAS VF 1SSYT and Datron Neo machines for milling work.


According to the customer’s needs, we can prepare drawings, as well as perform design work. We always try to find the best solutions for our customers.



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