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UAB Ekstremalė has 13 years of experience in prototyping, single and small series CNC precision milling and turning, also powder coating. Thanks to our profesional employees and technical equipment, we can fulfil even the most extreme time and quality needs of our clients
In UAB Ekstremalė our main goal is to produce even one complicated part in high quality and the time our costumer needs. Usualy the one is most important for our customers.


Powder coating


CNC machining

From 2013 UAB Ekstremalė provides services of powder coating and masking. Powder coating is one of most resistable type of coating for metal and aluminium to environmental effects, scratches, corrosion and mechanical damage.

Also UAB Ekstremalė has 12 years of experience on metal treatment and cnc machining. Our services:
-CNC milling
-CNC turning
-Engineering services
-Precise machining
-Tumbling and sandblacting


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