Powder coating

Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is the method we use to paint aluminum and steel products. Before painting, all products are degreased, washed, dried, and covered with a layer of paint using an advanced spray gun. Powder coating offers numerous benefits, including environmental friendliness, easy product maintenance, and a wide variety of colors and effects. Our innovative digital control system enables flexible and functional powder coating quality control, allowing us to manage the entire painting process effectively.

Paints and Equipment

We paint with paints suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as primer and varnish. We use IGP, Tiger, Inver, and Oxyplast paints from world-renowned manufacturers, and Nordson and Wagner spray equipment. Before painting, all products are treated with the eco-friendly chemical Gardobond.

Environmentally Friendly Process

The entire degreasing process operates in a closed loop, preventing harmful substances from entering the environment. The painting technology involves electrifying the powder and spraying it onto a grounded metal surface using specialized equipment. The coated product is then placed in a polymerization oven, where it hardens and transforms into a durable paint coating at temperatures between 170-200 degrees Celsius.

Service Life and Preparation

The service life of a paint coating depends on various factors, such as high-quality surface preparation, proper degreasing for first-time painting, and thorough removal of previous coatings through methods like scrubbing or sandblasting. For non-aluminum products, it’s essential to address rust issues and remove it carefully, as paint will quickly peel off in areas with rust residue.

Lubricated Products and Customization

We also recommend paying attention to lubricated products. It’s crucial that porous metal products, alloys, and cast products don’t absorb oils and greases, as their release under high temperatures can prevent paint from adhering to the surface, causing it to peel off. We can accommodate clients’ needs and preferences by painting in multiple colors or masking areas that don’t require painting.

Pricing and Product Dimensions

Prices for such services are determined individually, taking into account the product’s dimensions, the area of masked locations, and the required work time. Maximum dimensions for painted products are 1800mm in height, 800mm in width, and 1300mm in length. Please provide grease- and oil-free products for painting. Prices are calculated individually based on product dimensions, complexity, quantity, etc. The minimum price for ordered work is 15 EUR + VAT.



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