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CNC milling and turning, also powder coating for more than 10 years

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CNC machining services

Many years of experience and cooperation with LITEK

CNC machining services

CNC milling and turning – professional services

cnc milling and turning

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WOP -CNC frezavimas ir tekinimas

We have been working with UAB Ekstremalė since its establishment. During that time, not only has UAB Ekstremalė’s machinery base grown several times, but also their technical skills and opportunities. From the beginning, UAB Ekstremalė has shown great flexibility, high quality, and excellent terms. This company treats all customers equally, fostering long-term cooperation with fast-growing clients, as shown by UAB Ekstremalė’s recent activities.

UAB Ekstremalė quickly corrects errors and defects – parts are repaired and remanufactured without hesitation. Their focus on results leaves a great impression. When there are doubts about constructions, they contact the customer to discuss improvements for the best results. UAB Ekstremalė is a reliable partner, even in the most complex production projects.

Vytautas Stočkus

UAB Altechna R&D

Nano avionics - milling and turning

We value your company for its flexibility and efficiency in delivering small orders. We are also satisfied with the price-quality ratio.

Erikas Kneižys

UAB NanoAvionika

Light Conversion - milling and turning

UAB MGF “Šviesos konversija” has been cooperating with the powder coating division of “EKSTREMALĖ” since its establishment. Both the quality of the work and the deadlines meet our needs. We are especially pleased with their continuous improvement. We look forward to expanding our capabilities together.

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